Our business is located in a remote part of Far North Queensland with the usual difficulties associated with large geographic areas, small populations and remote areas – technology and communication systems are challenging to say the least. We had trialed guest/customer wi-fi systems and undertook a lot of investigation – contacting other areas and businesses, seeking advice from government business services and yet we were unable to find any practical, cost effective and workable solution. Then we found Time Out Internet and honestly cannot believe how simple it all was and very inexpensive. We have been using their system and set up for over 2 years – our guests and customers are happy and we achieve increased bookings due to having the guest wi-fi in our accommodation. We still have the ongoing problems with the overall regional communication network and Time Out Internet have assisted us all the way through to ensure we have the best range and service possible. Time Out Internet provides wonderful, practical and very timely technical support and we needed no onsite expertise to set it up as the help and direction from Time Out Internet was terrific. We have and will continue to recommend Time Out Internet to any business seeking to provide a network or service and just thank heavens we found them when we did.

Yvonne Tunney
Ash's Holiday Units And Cafe