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With 11 years experience as guest wifi experts to the accommodation and hospitality industry, Time Out Internet understand that Guest Wifi is as important as running water and electricity. 

Guest Wifi is a utility and the most asked for and complained about service by guests.
Don’t give your guests a reason to leave a bad review. 
Bad wifi is not how you want to be remembered.

65% of guests connect and log on to a property’s Guest Wifi within seven minutes of
stepping into their room and you want them to have a good experience.
80% of guests want to cast and stream their own content securely to the rooms television.

We can help to ensure you have strong, fast and secure wifi for your guests to connect any device they choose to bring with them.

Time Out Internet remain in the forefront and cutting edge of guest wifi technology by providing different Internet Management Systems
and network options depending on your business, site requirements,  internet connection and budget.
Our in-house team is responsible for designing and building our system. 
We are driven by innovation and keen to receive feedback from our clients and will adapt our systems to keep striving for improvement. 
We Have clients that have been with from the beginning.  

During our site assessment we can advise what options are available and best suited for your site.

Accommodation Solutions

Hospitality Solutions

Restaurants, cafes, laundromats, car service centres, pubs, clubs, waiting rooms. Attract customers to your venue with free wifi.

Efficient and fast Internet wifi is important to attract customers, however usage can quickly get out of hand…

Time Out Internet is perfect for any business that wants to offer free or paid wifi to their customers easily and securely with the management tools to control usage.  Cost effective solutions are available for businesses.  

There are numerous options available to use in the Hospitality Internet Management System.

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