Imintji was looking for a management software and Wi-Fi to be situated in Imintji Community for the past three years where a community resource centre would be set up for community members. We heard of Time Out Internet through organisations that were trying to help us set up our Community Resource Centre.
Needless to say our funding for the Resource Centre was not granted. So Imintji Aboriginal Corporation decided to strike out on their own and do it themselves and contacted Time Out Internet.
The community members say it’s the best thing ever done in communicating to the outside world and Family Members.
Time Out Internet was a cost effective way for the community to administer their Wi-Fi to the community as well as Tourist coming up the Gibb River Road to our remote location.
The Management program that Time Out Internet provided is easy for Corporation staff to use and use as their own business and since there has been minimal disruptions with the service such as log ins and signal strength, the customer service that Time Out Internet provides is excellent and dependable.
The contributing factors for Imintji Aboriginal Corporation to its community for using Time Out Internet is:
• Keeping in contact with family
• Keeping up with banking needs
• Keeping up with Centrelink needs
• A dependable and profitable business
• Educational and Learning needs
• Providing Wi-Fi for Community and Tourist
We encourage everyone to use Time Out Internet in their Business or Community as it is a major success for our Community.

John Bennett
Imintji Aboriginal Corp