‘Piracy and data retention rears its head again in the Australian government’

Accom Management Guide Winter 2014 PIRACY AND DATA RETENTION REARS ITS HEAD AGAIN IN THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNEMNT.  IS YOUR BUSINESS PROTECTED FROM INAPPROPORIATE GUEST WIFI USAGE YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR? Prosecutions for piracy and inappropriate usage of Internet connections have been happening here in Australia and more prevalently overseas for years.  So what does it.

‘Guest wifi summary 2013 – the year it was’

Accom Management Guide Summer 2014 GUEST WIFI SUMMARY 2013 – THE YEAR IT WAS At the beginning of 2013 in the Summer edition, I wrote about guests paying for internet access and it being a ‘thing of the past.’  2013 has seen many accommodation providers move to offering some free guest wifi to their guests.

‘Internet Charging: Guests paying for Internet a thing of the past’

Acomm Management Guide Summer 2013 IS IT TIME YOU MOVED TO THE FUTURE?  THE STATISTICS SAY SO AND SO DO YOUR GUESTS. I have written about numerous different topics recently and hope that you have found them informative and useful. YouTube TV, wardriving, data retention laws and piracy issues are just some of the topics that have been covered. I.

‘Internet connectivity, bandwidth and speed’

Accom Management Guide Spring 2013 INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, BANDWIDTH AND SPEED – WIFI, 3G, ADSL1, ADSL2, NBN what does it all really mean to us here in Australia? In the Winter edition I got you thinking about Wifi vs Foxtel and whether you actually need Foxtel any more as guests can now bring with them their.