‘Wifiis becoming much more than simple internet access’

Accom Management Guide Spring 2016 HOW THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. FOR MANY OF US, IT DOESN’T SEEM TOO LONG AGO THAT IT WAS NOT EVEN CONSIDERED, BUT FAST RELIABLE GUEST INTERNET IS NOW OFTEN REGARDED AS ESSENTIAL IN ANY ACCOMMODATION PROPERTY. Big, expensive hotels and motels could not consider being without it for their corporate guests and comfortably off international.

‘The new data retention laws – what you should be aware of

Accom Management Guide Winter 2015 THE NEW DATA RETENTION LAWS – WHAT SHOULD YOU BE AWARE OF AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU IF YOU ARE NOT A TELECOMMUNICATIONS OR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER? The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act 2015 (Cth) (otherwise known as the “new data retention laws”) has been passed.

‘Are you ready for the on-demand Internet streaming services boom’

Accom Management Guide Autumn 2015 “ARE YOU READY FOR THE ‘ON-DEMAND INTERNET STREAMING SERVICES’ BOOM AND HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS’s INTERNET?” On Demand video streaming has been around for some time now.  iTunes launched in 2001, Quickflix in 2003 and the list goes on.  For the sake of this article I am focusing.