‘Golden Chain and Time Out Internet Profile’

Accom Management Guide Spring 2017 TIME OUT INTERNET OFFERS GUEST WIFI AND INTERNET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS THAT ARE EASY TO IMPLEMENT, MANAGE AND USE WITH SEVEN-DAY SUPPORT TO CUSTOMERS AND THEIR GUESTS. Judy Senn, from Time Out Internet, told us: “We have 165 sites Australia-wide from an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley, Norfolk Island to Cradle Mountain. We are a recognised industry leader in.

Is the NBN coming to you soon?

Accom Management Guide Winter 2017 NBN IS COMING SOON TO YOU.  HOW WILL IT BE DELIVERED TO YOUR COMPLEX?  FTTP, FTTN, FTTdp…WHAT DOES IT ALL EVEN MEAN? There has been a bevy of activity on the streets of Australia lately with the ramp up of the rollout of the NBN with NBN Co and Telstra.

‘2016 The Year of the data explosion’

Accom Management Guide Summer 2017 2016 THE YEAR OF THE DATA EXPLOSION It has been an interesting year in regards to the massive amounts of data people are downloading and uploading.  Internet connections are being put under immense strain from streaming video downloads and uploading of data.  More and more people are uploading – posting.

‘Delivering wifi signal to guests: how to choose the correct method’

Accom Management Guide Summer 2016 DELIVERING THE WIFI SIGNAL TO YOUR GUESTS – HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT METHOD FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS. In my last article, Spring 2015 edition, I went into detail about how to choose a guest wifi system and a supplier.  The article offered you advice on choosing the system.

‘No free wifi may equal no guests’

Accom Management Guide Spring 2016 NO FREE WIFI MAY EQUAL NO GUESTS I get asked all the time by accommodation providers why should I invest in wifi technology at my site when mobile phones are coming with more and more monthly data?  Why would guests want or need my wifi when they can use their.

Golden Chain Supplier Profile

Accom Management Guide Spring 2016 Time Out Internet delivers wifi TIME OUT INTERNET supplier profile Are you losing guests because your wifi is weak and slow? Guests want the strongest and fastest wifi possible. Wifi is touted as the Number 1 amenity requested by guests but it can also be the Number 1 complaint if you don’t.