Streaming: Make it fast and available now

Accom Management Guide Spring 2019 Streaming. Everyone’s doing it. Loads of it. Anywhere and at any time of the day. It has to be fast and available now! Nearly every free to air TV channel has an On Demand service. Foxtel can be streamed. Netflix, Stan, Kayo, You Tube. The list goes on. There are.

Guest Wifi Summary: The year it was

2019 has seen the goalposts move in regards to what guests are requiring when they travel for work and leisure.Guest wifi can be the showstopper to someone staying with you, or not. It is a utility and a must have. Data amounts that guests are going through have increased dramatically and speed and good signal.

Can you finally say goodbye to Foxtel subscriptions?

Accom Management Guide Winter 2019 Foxtel has become one the largest monthly expenses for accommodation providers; however, it seems to be being used less and less by guests.From conversations I’ve had with accommodation providers, sport appears to be the main reason most are still supplying Foxtel in their complexes as so many sporting codes were.

5G – What does it mean for wifi?

Accom Management Guide Autumn 2019 5G is the next evolution in mobile network technology. As with 4G before it, 5G is focused on mobile data. 5G will offer faster speeds with the capability of download speeds as fast as 20Gbps. The vast improvement will be in mobile video streaming which, given its massive growth, will.

Guests expect a perfect guest wifi service and experience

Accom Management Guide Summer 2018/2019 Guest wifi is no longer considered an amenity, it is an expected service. It is a utility and as important as running water, electricity and a comfortable bed. Guests not only want wifi to be free, they want it to be unlimited data, fast, secure, reliable and everywhere! Today’s travellers.