Can you finally say goodbye to Foxtel subscriptions?

Aug 7, 2019

Accom Management Guide Winter 2019

Foxtel has become one the largest monthly expenses for accommodation providers; however, it seems to be being used less and less by guests.
From conversations I’ve had with accommodation providers, sport appears to be the main reason most are still supplying Foxtel in their complexes as so many sporting codes were unavailable under any other streaming service.

Until now. We’ve recently come across Kayo which is Australia’s first subscription video service dedicated to sports: rugby league, rugby union, Aussie rules, cricket, soccer, and more. Kayo is powered by Foxtel and has more sport to share than any other streaming video service around that we’ve been able to find. There are over 50 different sports and multiple international leagues; live matches and replays.

From what I can see, Kayo does not have Sky so horse racing is not available, but if the guest has a TAB account they can stream on their own devices.

This is a game changer for accommodation providers.

Guests can bring their own Kayo, Netflix, Stan and other subscriptions and use your wifi to watch everything they want as they do at home.

Most subscriptions have a trial period or a short period to join up for so the guest can cancel their subscriptions at any time. They can sign up when they arrive at your site and create an account and once they’ve left , if they don’t want to keep the service they don’t have to.
Guests are already bringing their own video on demand subscriptions and Foxtel Now boxes can also be brought to complexes by guests and plugged in to watch Foxtel in their unit.

You must provide unlimited data be able to give them the ability to cast, stream and watch their content.

Casting – One of the top three sought-after features a guest wants is wireless casting. It is a core feature that must be included in your guest wifi system. If you have casting ability on your guest wifi , guests are going to want to cast their own content to your Smart TV or plug in their Google Chromecast and watch it on the big screen.

With Netflix identified as the number one most commonly used application by guests, wireless casting must be a top priority for your guest wifi system. Guests want to bring their own devices and content and cast, stream and watch on your wifi . Securely.

They want to use their own subscriptions to cast and not enter their username and passwords into an app on the television. Security is the main reason for this.

Online streaming is the first choice for in-room entertainment among guests and the three key elements for a successful guest experience for casting, streaming and viewing. are:

  1. You need an in-room guest wifi system – where every unit/room has its own wireless modem or access point to connect to. Good strong signal.
  2. You need a guest wifi system that allows for an “at home” experience, whereby every unit has a secure network within it. Login once with a device and you are online – just as you would at home. This allows for the easy and secure connectivity of Smart TVs, casting devices, gaming devices, home assistants. They don’t have to keep going through a login screen to access the internet.
  3. You need a fast and reliable internet connection or connections – you may need multiple NBN connections or a fibre connection depending on your complexes size. You need to offer unlimited data to your guests – it is suggested to give a minimum of 12Mbps per unit (equivalent to three Standard Definition Netflix streams occurring in that unit at the one time). This should go up depending on the size of the unit eg: a three bedroom may need more speed for more people and devices. The demographic is important too and younger people may require more speed with YouTube being a favoured site and heavy in usage – it can deliver high definition video streams.
    If you have more bandwidth, give them more.

    Casting is going to get more and more popular and you need to ensure you have a secure and safe network in the unit/room for your guest to be able to safely do so.

    Foxtel, Kayo, Netflix and Stan can all be brought to the site by the guest, covering sports through to movies, so why provide it anymore?

    Put those funds toward a better wifi system or faster connections and give the guests what they are asking for. ■

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