Golden Chain Supplier Profile

Golden Chain Supplier Profile

Accom Management Guide Spring 2016

Time Out Internet delivers wifi

TIME OUT INTERNET supplier profile

Are you losing guests because your wifi is weak and slow?

Guests want the strongest and fastest wifi possible. Wifi is touted as the Number 1 amenity requested by guests but it can also be the Number 1 complaint if you don’t have excellent connectivity.

Sites like Trip Advisor give guests the ability to test and report on your wifi . Stop losing guests to better connected competitors.

Time Out Internet has helped over 150 businesses nationally with their wifi requirements.  We cut through all the jargon, talking and explaining to you the options you have, in language you will understand.

If you are tired of bad reviews we can help you!

As a recognised industry leader in guest wifi and internet management systems, Time Out Internet can provide your hotel, motel or resort with unparalleled customer service, hardware, management system and support.
For a free site assessment! Call us on 1300 55 77 54