Your customers will jump for joy with Time Out Internet wifi

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Stay ahead of your competition with free wifi for your guests

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Farms & Stations ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Perfect for businesses wanting to offer wifi to customers

● Cafes ● Restaurants ● Medical Centres ● Internet Cafes ● Day Spas ● Pubs/Bars ● Hair Salons ● Car Service Centres ● Clubs ● Food Halls ● Offices

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Public Wifi Systems

Perfect for councils & organisations wanting to offer public wifi in common areas such as Parks ● Shopping Complexes ● Beaches ● Town Centres ● Malls ● Sports Stadiums ● Golf Courses ● Resort Grounds ● Universities ● Pubs ● Libraries ● Food Courts ● Clubs

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Scalable Solutions that can grow as your business grows

Capital or lease pricing options allowing for equipment to be added as needed

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WARNING! Piracy & Data Retention

If something inappropriate or illegal occurs on your Internet network, you can be prosecuted – data retention information helps prove it wasn’t you. Speak to us about your legal obligations.

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Wifi lets your guests stay in contact in their rooms and around your complex

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Caravan & Holiday Parks ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Solutions available for all types of business

Time Out Internet have solutions available for businesses of all sizes - from a small cafe or B & B up to large resorts and buildings.

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Generate revenue by offering free or paid wifi to your customers

● Easy to use plug & play solution for businesses ● Set customers’ data and time limits quickly and efficiently

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Customers & guests can connect all devices simultaneously with one unique username and password

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Business meetings with wifi connectivity

Offer free or paid wifi for business meetings Differentiate from your competitors by offering secure wifi for meetings

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Customise the customer login page to promote your business

Your customer login page/splash page can be customised for special offers…sell the space with advertising & get a return on your investment.

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Time Out Internet is preferred Supplier for Arra Accommodation Group - Budget Hotels, Orbit Inns & Paragon Hotels and Golden Chain Hotels - Golden Chain Motels, Golden Chain Motor Inns