Your customers will jump for joy with Time Out Internet wifi

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Stay ahead of your competition with free wifi for your guests

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Farms & Stations ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Perfect for businesses wanting to offer wifi to customers

● Cafes ● Restaurants ● Medical Centres ● Internet Cafes ● Day Spas ● Pubs/Bars ● Hair Salons ● Car Service Centres ● Clubs ● Food Halls ● Offices

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Public Wifi Systems

Perfect for councils & organisations wanting to offer public wifi in common areas such as Parks ● Shopping Complexes ● Beaches ● Town Centres ● Malls ● Sports Stadiums ● Golf Courses ● Resort Grounds ● Universities ● Pubs ● Libraries ● Food Courts ● Clubs

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Scalable Solutions that can grow as your business grows

Capital or lease pricing options allowing for equipment to be added as needed

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WARNING! Piracy & Data Retention

If something inappropriate or illegal occurs on your Internet network, you can be prosecuted – data retention information helps prove it wasn’t you. Speak to us about your legal obligations.

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Wifi lets your guests stay in contact in their rooms and around your complex

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Caravan & Holiday Parks ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Solutions available for all types of business

Time Out Internet have solutions available for businesses of all sizes - from a small cafe or B & B up to large resorts and buildings.

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Generate revenue by offering free or paid wifi to your customers

● Easy to use plug & play solution for businesses ● Set customers’ data and time limits quickly and efficiently

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Customers & guests can connect all devices simultaneously with one unique username and password

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Business meetings with wifi connectivity

Offer free or paid wifi for business meetings Differentiate from your competitors by offering secure wifi for meetings

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Customise the customer login page to promote your business

Your customer login page/splash page can be customised for special offers…sell the space with advertising & get a return on your investment.

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Features & Functions Guest Wifi



Time Out Internet Brochure



Time Out Internet offers you five different ways to manage your internet offering to your end users.  Use one or use a combination of all the features depending on what you want the business to achieve with its wifi offering to end users.

  • Create User Accounts set up users as you go – charge or give away for free – manage ON and OFF Peak data
  • Pre-Print Vouchers give away for free or charge for internet access
  • Room Compendium Vouchers offer an amount of data for free per room per day
  • PayPal/Credit Card Purchasable Plans – autonomously allow for your end users to purchase plans you create yourself using their credit card or PayPal account
  • Click Through Feature – set data and time parameters when guests can access free wifi but no unique username and password authentication required.  Customisable to include an Access Code to receive free wifi.  Promotes foot traffic into your business to receive the Access Code.

 Create User Accounts

You can simply log in to the Administration area of Time Out Internet and Create User Accounts as you need to.  You allocate a username and password for the customer, the amount of data you wish to provide (free or charge), how many users or devices can log in at the same time using the log in details, limit the upload/download speed (if you want), the time that the data renews each day and a checkout date (if required).
There are two types of users you can add under the Add User button

  • Add Recurring User – use this area to set up compendium voucher users – the data recurs every day, 7 or 30 days, whichever you choose, for an ongoing period of time
  • Add One Off User – this creates a username and password for a one off period of time and data and internet access – use for free wifi or to sell wifi.

Sample of Recurring User Accounts screen

The Save and Print button is a handy feature when you set up a user or if a user needs a copy of their username and password and details of their account and what data they have available that you have set up.  An A4 sheet will appear and will have the following information on it –

  • Your businesses name
  • The amount of people or devices that can login at the same time – up to 15
  • Amount of free data per day for the user – ON and OFF Peak Data if those parameters chosen
  • When the data renews each day
  • Username
  •  Password
  • Troubleshooting tip

voucher from user

Pre-Print Vouchers

Pre-Print Vouchers for your customers allowing you to offer free or paid secure wireless internet.
Four Pre-printable options available (Optional: Add a $ value that will appear on the vouchers):

Single Use: The internet time starts and runs from first logon until all time expires. Perfect for cafes/shop environments.
Multi Use: The User can log out and save left over time for another session.  Perfect for regular customers to your establishment.
Multi Use Special: Same as Multi Use but with selectable expiration. (eg. You want to give out vouchers that provide 10 hours internet but will expire 30 days after the first log on.)
Daily Data Quota: Sets a daily data quota allowable for this user (The daily data quota resets at the time you choose daily). Set the number of days this voucher is valid for. Perfect for short stay customers to your establishment.
These can be pre-printed and kept at reception; handed out from your office – charge the customer’s account, take cash for payment or hand out for free.

preprint vouchers

Room Compendium Vouchers

An easy way to manage free wifi in the rooms of your complex is to set up a recurring user as the room number with a unique password for every room in Time Out Internet’s Access Control Server.
These details can be kept in a compendium in each room (if utilised) or you can print and hand out at reception as guests check in or put in a welcome pack.
This feature allows you to allocate and amount of data for free, every day, per room that renews at the same time every day – autonomously. 

Five people or five devices can log on at the same time using these login details and share the amount of daily allowable data.  You do not have to create a username and password for every user or device in that room.  Once the amount of data is used, they will not be able to access the internet and will either have to wait until their data renews or purchase some more from you.

A template of the voucher below is provided and customisable so you can include the following:

1.    Your logo
2.    The amount of free data allowable each day – manage ON and OFF Peak data
3.    The time of day the data is renewed
4.    The name of your wifi network so customers can identify it easily
5.    Unique username and password details for each room

If you put the vouchers in a compendium in each room, we recommend that the usernames and passwords are changed every 6 months for security purposes or more frequently if you have regular customers.
As a value added service Time Out Internet can set up the compendium vouchers for you and remind you that your passwords are 6 months old and update them for you.   A4 or A5 sized compendium vouchers are available

room compendiumPaypal/Credit Card Purchasable Plans – Guest Wifi can make you money!

If you want to sell wifi to your customers, one of the easiest and autonomous ways to do so is by setting up some purchasable plans that allows your customers to buy data using a credit card or PayPal account, 24 hours a day.  Don’t miss out on a sale due to the office/reception not being open!

You set the pricing and plans and you get 100% of the revenue.

Your business needs its own business PayPal account which the end users money is paid into when purchasing the Internet.  PayPal is easy to set up and we have step by step instructions to help you).
This is a handy service for customers that require more Internet access than the business provides freely eg: offer 500Mb a day, if the end user requires more, then they can purchase from you at their leisure.


If you are an accommodation provider that has permanents, lock and leaves or short term rental properties on your portfolio, this is the perfect way to offer Internet to them and get a Return on your Investment.   Quite often the permanent, lock and leaves or short term rentals cannot get a phone line into their unit/apartment or only have a short lease period to take advantage of the cheaper monthly fees that ISP’s provide, such as Telstra Bigpond and these people are forced to use USB data dongles for their Internet access which is very expensive.
You can set up some plans to sell to them that are well priced and competitive and you can receive a monthly payment for Internet from these users – a win/win for you and the tenant!

Example customer login page/splash screen with Paypal purchasable plans set uppaypal

Click Through Feature

You can activate the “Click Through” Function easily and quickly and it will allow end users to access the internet by clicking Terms and Conditions on the Login Page only. 

There is no Username and Password authentication required for Internet access using this function.  

Optional – If you use the Click Through feature and want to ensure that customers/guests come in to your venue to receive free wifi, there is an area where your customer can enter an Access Code that they must obtain from you –– you can have the Access Code displayed wherever you want it to be in store.  This saves you handing out vouchers and having the code displayed in store promotes foot traffic into your venue.


 You set the parameters for:

  •  How much data per login per device
  •  How long they can be logged in per device
  •  How many times per day per device the end user can log in
  • Option to limit upload and download speeds
  • Option to collect email addresses before end user can log in
  • Option to have an Access Code for free wifi access that you can change daily
  • Timer Function disables free wifi access – only set the availability to the hours you want.


click through


Marketing Collateral for Counter Tops and Rooms

Time Out Internet supply marketing collateral to all customers to advertise that you have wifi available to your customers.  Double sided table tents – size 4.24″ x 5.5″ are provided.

a frames

Customer Login Page/Splash Screen – Display Specials & Advertising

The Time Out Internet Access Control Server provides for the creation of a customisable login page/splash screen for your customers.  

The customisable login page/splash screen can be show daily specials, advertising, information on your business, etc.  It is a graphical interface that you can customise to whatever you want to be shown to your end user when they go to log in.
You can embed a static web page into the login page/splash screen, however most websites contain lots of widgets and plug-ins (eg: booking services, links to Facebook, Flash Player slide shows) and will not load as you need to allow the system access to every one of these sites which then opens up your end users to access Facebook, etc without logging in. 

Time Out Internet can help guide you in regards to static web pages and also embed images into your login page/splash screen.

There are generic Terms and Conditions in Time Out Internet that you are welcome to use and that your customers can see on their login page/splash screen; however we do recommend that you tailor the terms and conditions to your businesses requirements.

The Customer Login Page/Splash Screen is an easy to view and use interface that allows customers to check their usage at any time by clicking on the “Check My Usage Button”.

Example customer login page/splash screen

customer login screen

Time Out Internet is preferred Supplier for Arra Accommodation Group - Budget Hotels, Orbit Inns & Paragon Hotels and Golden Chain Hotels - Golden Chain Motels, Golden Chain Motor Inns