Your customers will jump for joy with Time Out Internet wifi

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Stay ahead of your competition with free wifi for your guests

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Farms & Stations ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Perfect for businesses wanting to offer wifi to customers

● Cafes ● Restaurants ● Medical Centres ● Internet Cafes ● Day Spas ● Pubs/Bars ● Hair Salons ● Car Service Centres ● Clubs ● Food Halls ● Offices

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Public Wifi Systems

Perfect for councils & organisations wanting to offer public wifi in common areas such as Parks ● Shopping Complexes ● Beaches ● Town Centres ● Malls ● Sports Stadiums ● Golf Courses ● Resort Grounds ● Universities ● Pubs ● Libraries ● Food Courts ● Clubs

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Scalable Solutions that can grow as your business grows

Capital or lease pricing options allowing for equipment to be added as needed

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WARNING! Piracy & Data Retention

If something inappropriate or illegal occurs on your Internet network, you can be prosecuted – data retention information helps prove it wasn’t you. Speak to us about your legal obligations.

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Wifi lets your guests stay in contact in their rooms and around your complex

● Resorts ● Motels ● Hotels ● Backpackers ● Caravan & Holiday Parks ● Hostels ● Share Accommodation ● Student Accommodation

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Solutions available for all types of business

Time Out Internet have solutions available for businesses of all sizes - from a small cafe or B & B up to large resorts and buildings.

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Generate revenue by offering free or paid wifi to your customers

● Easy to use plug & play solution for businesses ● Set customers’ data and time limits quickly and efficiently

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Customers & guests can connect all devices simultaneously with one unique username and password

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Business meetings with wifi connectivity

Offer free or paid wifi for business meetings Differentiate from your competitors by offering secure wifi for meetings

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Customise the customer login page to promote your business

Your customer login page/splash page can be customised for special offers…sell the space with advertising & get a return on your investment.

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FAQ Public Wifi




Time Out Internet Brochure



Will Time Out Internet work with my existing hardware and software or will I have to buy other software or hardware to make it work?
Time Out Internet comes with everything you need pre-installed.  Your existing router or modem just needs to have a LAN (Ethernet) port (most do). 

Can I increase my download limits via Time Out Internet?
No.  You can only increase your download limits and speed through your Internet Service Provider.

If I have internet connectivity problems do I call my internet provider or Time Out Internet technical support?
Turn your routers and computers off and leave for 10 minutes and turn back on.  See if you can connect.  Always call your internet provider first.  If you cannot receive the internet or have connectivity problems, 99.9% of the time it will be from your Internet provider.  If you have covered all bases with your ISP and you still cannot get on the Internet, please do not hesitate to contact us via Time Out Internet Technical Support on the Time Out Internet web site. or on the Support Line

1300 88 00 64    8 am – 7 pm – 7 Days AEST (excludes Public Holidays)

Can I change the Time Out Internet settings for users at any time?
Yes.  Whoever has the Administration password to Time Out Internet’s Access Control Server can change the settings at any time for any user on your network, anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet.  You can check who is on line and user usage from any internet connection. Eg: at work, on holidays, etc.
Note: if you are trying to change a users setting and that user is already logged on to the internet, the changes you make to them will not occur until they log off and they log back on the next time.

Can customers use Playstation or Xbox devices on the internet when Time Out Internet is activated?
No.  Gaming devices will not be able to be used on your network as they do not have a browser interface to be able to input a username and password.

Time Out Internet is preferred Supplier for Arra Accommodation Group - Budget Hotels, Orbit Inns & Paragon Hotels and Golden Chain Hotels - Golden Chain Motels, Golden Chain Motor Inns